Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Newest Family Members

I am happy to introduce our new goldfish, Franklin and Black!

Franklin looking at his reflection!


Emma's class at school had a beta fish earlier this year named Franklin but as Emma put it, he went to see Jesus back in October. Last week, they finally got a new beta named Thomas and so far so good. She has loved watching and feeding the fish at school and has asked on a few occasions for one so last weekend, we decided to give it a try. Emma was so excited because they had a pink fish tank. Of course we couldn't just get one since Josh wanted a fish too so they both now have their own tanks in their rooms. Emma wanted to name her fish Franklin in honor of her first fish at school. Josh decided a great name for his orange goldfish would be Black so there you have it, Franklin and Black. I will say this, Black is going to be one chubby little fish as long as Josh keeps feeding him since Josh doesn't really get the concept of "a little pinch." Josh wants to touch them all the time and thinks they can come out and play but so far I think the only thing that has gone in the water is one of Emma's hair clips that Josh was "washing." Hopefully they'll last a while!

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