Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Earlier this month, the kids and I headed to Louisville to celebrate G.G.'s 90th birthday. Unfortunately Brad was not able to make the trip but he saw us off at the airport and cautioned me to not lose his children! I really do think he was concerned that I would come home with at least one less. I have to say that both kids did really well on all of our flights and Emma made a great spotter, finding us the first row with three seats available on each leg. When we landed in Louisville on the way out, somebody told me that my children were very good fliers. That was such a nice thing to hear especially since we were past their normal bed time at that point. The flights back went almost as well but about 10 minutes before we reached the gate in Little Rock, they were done. However, all in all, they made it an easy trip for me without having Brad along.

We were greeted by Bo when we arrived in Louisville and headed over to my Aunt Marth's house to surprise my Grandma. She didn't act surprised but told me that she assumed we were coming. Josh took a few minutes to warm up with all the new people around and for some reason, when he is feeling shy, he likes to stick his tongue out and lick me A LOT; weird I know. Anyhow, once he warmed up, he went and found a toy vacuum, which he played with non-stop until we left. Thankfully there are four little cousins right about the same age as Emma and Josh so they all had a big time. Ally is ~9 months older than Emma and they hit it off from the start. The last time they were together was over 2 1/2 years ago but you wouldn't know it. The first night in town, the girls had a sleep over, which they both enjoyed.

We spent the next day hanging out at my cousin Lauren's house before the big party. The girls had a great time playing "going to the beach" while Josh pretty much did his own thing. He really enjoyed playing guitar, pulling around a suitcase and vacuuming. The party was at the Audubon Country Club and G.G. had a wonderful time. There were lots of friends and family there to celebrate her birthday and she certainly enjoyed being the center of attention. The kids had fun running around and I would have to say their favorite part was the cake pops.

The next day was more hanging out with a trip over to G.G.'s house. This visit was a little nerve wracking for me as G.G.'s house is immaculate and there are many things that little hands do not need to touch. Fortunately we made it out of there with the only damage being the spot on the glass door that Josh had to lick; again with the tongue. We ended out the day with a fun Super Bowl party with the extended family on G.G.'s side.

By Monday morning, I think the long nights had caught up with the kids and in spite of how much fun they had been having, they were done and ready to go home. I figured I would have two grumpy kids on my hands when we got home since we had to be at the airport during nap time and after the trip to Arizona, I didn't think they would nap on the plane. I was so wrong about that when it came to Josh. As soon as we started taxiing down the runway, Josh was out and slept pretty much until we landed in Chicago. Emma did not sleep but we did relax and read books on the flight. We had good luck with our travels and got home right about on time. Emma and Josh were certainly excited to see Daddy waiting for us and I think they were both glad to be home. It was a wonderful trip and I am glad we were able to be with G.G. to celebrate her birthday! Happy 90th G.G.!

Cute cousins ready to party

Birthday girl


The pied piper

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