Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Cookies

Since we were heading up to Missouri to celebrate an early Christmas on the 22nd, we worked in cookies the afternoon of the 21st.  This was our 3rd year of cookies with the kids and I have to say that the floor was a little cleaner afterwards; hope springs eternal!  Emma and Josh have very different thoughts on cookie decorating.  Emma subscribes to the "no part of the dough should be left uncovered" philosophy while Josh subscribes to the "less is more" philosophy.  I think Josh completed 2 1/2 cookie sheets before Emma even finished one.  Unfortunately for Emma, covering every inch and then some doesn't work so well since most of it falls off.  Emma also made extreme use of the red hots, which she doesn't eat so pretty much, her cookies were inedible in her mind.  Josh, on the other hand, loved eating all the cookies Emma decorated.  I am hoping that next year I can convince her to go a little easier.  Baby steps but looking forward to next year's creations already! 

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