Thursday, January 10, 2013

Episcopal Christmas Program

The first week of December was Emma's Christmas program at Episcopal.  They had performances Wednesday and Thursday morning.  The preK-3 students sang two songs and then the preK-4 students got to sing two songs before the 1st graders acted out three cute Christmas stories with the kindergarten helping with the songs.  Emma had been singing and practicing at home for a couple weeks before the program so she was ready to go.  Emma, of course, did an excellent job but I do have to admit that her friend Juliana stole the show.  She is a natural on the stage and I don't think she has a shy bone in her body; I think her Mom would agree with that.  I got to see both performances since I had volunteered to help with the costumes for the 1st graders.  Going in, I didn't realize that it would be a four morning commitment and while I have sworn no more, the program director may already have me on the ropes for next year.  At least I'll know better what to expect.  The nice thing about being there to help out was that I did get to have lunch with Emma one day, which I thoroughly enjoyed! 

Emma next to the superstar Juliana (she was just waiting patiently to unleash for the crowd!)

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