Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Got the Chicken Pox for Christmas

For the Christmas recital, Emma's class danced to "Chicken Pox for Christmas."  It was such a cute dance and song.  Emma practiced her little heart out and was so excited on the big day.  She had mentioned well before the recital that we would have to put red dots on her but then there was never any notice about it so I figured they changed their minds...until they walked on stage and had the "pox."  I have no idea what they used but eye make-up remover finally took it mostly off and days later, she still had faint red spots.  We decided to take Josh with us this year and he was great and then there was a dance with a boy at which point Josh yelled out "boys don't dance."  Thankfully the music was loud enough that it mostly went unnoticed.  Can you wager a guess as to where he got that idea?

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