Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cole Camp Christmas

We headed up to Cole Camp for an early Christmas this year.  Emma and Josh had been obsessed with the idea of snow so imagine their delight when we arrived in Cole Camp and there was a little snow left from a couple of days earlier.  I was thrilled because it was a little snow and still nice and warm (little did I know what was coming out way).  They immediately wanted to head out and play in the snow and had the best time; Josh was the recipient of many a snow ball courtesy of his big sister.


Emma wanted to have her photo taken in front of the Christmas tree after church on Sunday morning.

Uncle Dale was the target of many tackles by Josh but Uncle Dale had the upper hand!


Garret, the silly elf, made his triumphant return with some new accessories.

After showing a great deal of patience throughout the day, the kids finally got to tear into their presents and scored big time!


After the children were nestled all snug in their beds, the adults got to open our gifts, which involved some silly moments and blackmail photo ops as is generally the case when Garret is around.

Cole Camp was a great start to Christmas!

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