Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Josh's Christmas Program

The Christmas program billed as the shortest in town was the Friday before Christmas.  They changed things this year so that the program was mid-morning followed by lunch.  The program is performed by the junior and senior class followed by songs with all the other classes.  Josh got to be a Wiseman in the program and did an amazing job.  He was also pretty much the cutest Wiseman.  What was special about this program was that this was the first time that we have seen Josh sing along rather than just sitting there and we know he knew the songs since he had been singing them for weeks. 

After the program, we divided and conquered.  I stayed to have a pizza lunch with Josh while Brad headed over to spend some time with Emma at her school Christmas party.  Emma did not know that one of us was going to try and be at the party so she was very excited and loved spending some time with Daddy.   

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