Friday, June 19, 2009

28 Weeks

Glucose test? Check. Rhogam shot? Check. Two more things to cross off the pregnancy check-list as I transition into the third trimester. How did that happen already? The ticker on the side of the blog puts Junior's arrival at only 85 days from today (hopefully a few less and not a few more). Yesterday was just labs with the glucose test and the Rhogam shot. Hopefully I won't be hearing from the doctor's office today, which would mean that my glucose level was fine. I am not too concerned that I will be getting a call. I guess we had better get on the ball though in terms of getting Junior's room painted. Thankfully there isn't a ton that needs to be accomplished prior to Junior's arrival. When we ask Emma where the baby is, she will lift up my shirt and point to my belly saying "baby". Of course, she still has no idea how Junior's arrival will impact her existence but she'll adjust. It is just hard to realize that we only have a short time left to enjoy just Emma. I guess we better make the most of it!

After I got done being poked and prodded yesterday, I picked up Emma and we did a little shopping at the mall. We (I) got sucked in by Gymboree as I do whenever I go to the mall, which thankfully isn't often. They just have the cutest things and the best prices on the clearance racks. The highlight of our shopping for Emma though was when we split a chocolate chip cookie and some lemonade. Her face was a chocolaty, gooey mess but she loved it and was signing for more after we finished. I think that she drank the lion's share of the lemonade.

Emma has not had the greatest of weeks at daycare primarily at naptime and decided to skip one altogether on Wednesday. On Tuesday, after being patted and rocked for 30 minutes, Ms. Andi had to give up and stuck Emma in a swing where she proceeded to basically tell the other kids in the nursery to go take a nap, yelling "nigh nigh" at them. Twice this week she has slept on a cot in the transition room, which resulted in almost 2 hour naps both days. That is so much better than the 1-1:15 that she normally takes in the nursery, which makes for a happy Emma and a happy Mom and Dad. It seems like she is just really ready to be out of the nursery and up in the big kid room full time. For Emma's sake, we hope that August and her move to the transition room get here very soon.

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