Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was an eventful trip to Louisville to say the least. Emma did great on all the flights. There were a couple of moments of fussiness but certainly nothing major. Overall, she was just one great little flier. We got in Friday morning and were met at the airport by Grandpa Jimbo (Bo to Emma), Grandma Kristi, Uncle Paul (finally), and cousins Lauren, Ally, and Natalie. Emma and Ally spent a little time playing (they were in the same area) together that morning. It is just amazing to me how much of a difference 9 months still makes at this age. Emma did enjoy having Ally around and was interested in baby Natalie but not so happy with Mommy holding baby Natalie. There is a real possibility that there will be some jealousy around our house once Junior arrives. After a little play time, it was lunch and down for a three hour nap. Brad and I grabbed a little sleep too and then I joined Bo and Grandma Kristi on the deck where I proceeded to get sunburned even though I was pretty well in the shade. Clearly this skin has not seen much sunlight this year. Emma woke in time to briefly meet her Great-Grandfather (My Mom's Dad) and visit with Gigi, Great Auntie Marth, and Great Uncle Bob before I headed off to the rehearsal. Emma got to play more with Ally that night while we attended the rehearsal dinner and it sounds like the girls had a great time.

Saturday started off great with Emma sleeping in a little bit, which may really have been due to the fact that we were on Eastern time. However, things took a bit of a turn that morning. First, I tortured her by making her take a bath. For some reason, she has a phobia when it comes to unknown bathtubs. The bath is great fun at home but not on the road. After that torture was over, Emma was running around downstairs and slipped and fell in the kitchen. It was nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that doesn't happen on a regular basis, she is a toddler after all. She was crying so I held her for a while and then when I would put her down, she would start crying again. I just chalked it up to her being out of her element and there being so many "new" faces. We decided to try and take her out back to play. She wasn't too keen on walking down to the play set and then started acting weird and holding up her leg while standing in the grass but sometimes she has issues with grass so again, we really didn't think too much. We got her back inside and she still continued to hold up the leg as if she didn't want to put pressure on it. Then she went down to the ground and made a big effort not to put pressure on that leg. Brad and I then tried to get her to walk a little between us and she was really limping and crying. At that point, we decided to head to the ER at the Children's Hospital. By the time we got there, Emma was walking without crying but still really limping. She was also climbing and would squat and come back up so we had no clue where she was hurting. They took x-rays of her leg and thankfully everything was clean that they could tell. The best that they could tell was that she has a sprain/strain somewhere and we should just give her ibuprofen. At any rate, all three of us missed Danny and Melissa's beautiful wedding; I promise I really wasn't trying to shirk my duties as a reader. Since the reception wasn't until the evening, Emma got a good nap in and then we got to celebrate a little bit with happy couple. Poor Emma though was dying to dance especially as she watched Ally jumping and grooving all over the place but that little leg just wouldn't cooperate. By the way, Ally was a little doll in her little flower girl dress.

We were off bright and early yesterday morning. Emma was still gimpy but at least she didn't appear to be in any pain. She thoroughly entertained the masses at the airport while we were waiting to board the plane walking back and forth telling people "Hi". She also carried on several in depth conversations on my cell phone which had us cracking up. I guess she thought she was giving her peeps a rundown on what she was up to. I do have some pictures from the weekend and will get them posted tomorrow.

As far as the leg goes, Emma is still limping this morning. It seems to be the worse after she has been sitting or laying down for a while. We followed up with her pediatrician and they basically said just to keep going with the ibuprofen and call them if she doesn't start improving over the next few days or gets worse. My guess is that it is just going to take a little time because it would be next to impossible to get an 18 month old to sit and rest her leg. Look for photos soon.

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