Monday, June 22, 2009

Short Stories

We got Emma down to the neighborhood pool on Saturday. At first she would not even go through the gate. As soon as she saw the pool, she started crying so Brad took her to swing and I went and sat down on a chair by the pool. Eventually I was able to get Emma to come in the gate by enticing her with a drink of water. Once she got in, I got in the pool, which she still had no interest in. Thankfully there was a beach ball that somebody had left behind on the pool deck so she and I played with the ball a bit and after a while, she got close enough that I grabbed her and we were both in the water. We "swam" around for a bit and then she got out and we repeated the play with ball, get pulled into water. After she got out the second time, after playing with the ball a little more, she wanted to get in herself so hopefully things are turning around as far as the pool goes. Time will tell but I really want to get her used to the water. She has also been invited to a pool party next weekend so hopefully that won't go terribly awry.

Yesterday morning, Brad was getting ready for church and as she always does, Emma went into the closet and got Brad his shoes. Not sure which shoes she got him because I didn't ask but she is always very helpful at getting everybody a pair of shoes whether they are appropriate or not. After she grabbed his shoes, Emma went back into the closet and rummaged through his pile and came up with his belt, which is exactly what he needed. It shouldn't but it still does amaze me at how observant she is.

Finally, naptime this weekend was an adventure. Both Saturday and Sunday, after we put Emma down, she pretty much played in her crib for an hour before knocking off. I missed most of it yesterday while I was at the grocery store but Brad said that it would go quiet and then all the sudden she would yell out "Hi". After she finally fell asleep yesterday, I went back to check on her only to find her laid out in her crib wearing only her diaper. It was all I could do to get the door shut before I started laughing hysterically. I guess part of the fun during that hour was in taking off her clothes. She also must have tried to remove her diaper as evidenced by the big wet spot when she woke up from her nap. Today is Emma's first day with the 2 year old age group. Hopefully she'll enjoy being one of the big kids as much as we think she will.

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Grandma Kate said...

Quite a week for Emma with the pool adventure, shopping with mom, and now the acceptance into the transition room. She is so bright that I have no doubt she will be delighted to be there full time.