Saturday, June 20, 2009

Officially One of the Big Kids

After I made the post yesterday about Emma being ready to move up to the next room and how August couldn't come soon enough, we got some exciting news. When we picked Emma up from daycare yesterday, we were told that there was an opening in the transition room since one of the kids there was leaving and would we be interested in moving Emma into his spot? Would we be interested? ABSOLUTELY! They must have known we would be so agreeable because she already had a cubby assigned to her. So as of Monday morning, Emma will be moving up to the transition room officially. I am sure that Libby, Ella and Collin will miss her but they'll be there with her come August. We are so excited that she is going to have the chance to be with the big kids full time and get to learn and do so much more. Of course, Brad is a little sad too because it means his little girl is growing up but this is a great opportunity for Emma and she is so ready for it. I am also hoping that this means that we can start working on getting rid of the pacifier.

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