Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Emma got a new puppet a few weeks ago from the KC crew when they were down to celebrate Brad's birthday. She was getting quite a kick out of it this past weekend. She slipped it onto her arm and then was walking around with it and even came over and "attacked" me, which made her absolutely crack up. She has developed the funniest laugh these days and gets tickled by everything and nothing. We wish that we had a video monitor at times so we could see what is cracking her up when she is supposed to be taking her nap or going to bed. In case you are wondering, yes, other than when we actually left the house this weekend, Emma was pretty much just in a diaper at home once we can corral her long enough to get the diaper on. In fact, as soon as she gets home from daycare these days, she quickly gets down to just a diaper too. I guess I can't blame her with the outside temperatures these days.

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Grandma Kate said...

Isn't it great she can amuse herself as well as others. What a character. So cute and so funny!