Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

Somebody had a birthday last week and I didn't even call him out on it although I guess that I am doing so now. I took Brad out for an adults only dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate while Emma stayed home with a babysitter. It was a different experience not having to fight somebody to stay in her high chair and then actually get her to eat some food. Thankfully, the relative peace did not deter from the evening and the food was great! Before we left for dinner, Emma did get to enjoy a bit of Daddy's birthday cake although she was much more interested in the whipped topping than the cake. I also managed to get a photo of Emma and the birthday boy as well as one of all three of us.

Around Easter, the idea was hatched by Dale (I think) for the family to come down and surprise Brad for his birthday. I have to say that it was not easy keeping that one a secret for as long as I did but I managed and got some planning done on the sly. Dale thought it would be good to have everybody arrive at the same time, which wasn't until late Friday night. However, with little Madison, Lesa wanted to try and get her down a little earlier so last week she told Brad that they had a free weekend and asked if it would be okay if they came down. This did not set off any warning bells for him thankfully. The tricky part was keeping him up Friday night, which I didn't think would be a problem. Around 11pm, he started talking about needing to go to bed and started turning off all the lights. By this point, Lesa had received a message saying that the rest of the crew would be in around 11:15 so Lesa, Chris and I did everything we could to stall. I was so thankful to see those cars turn into the drive. When he saw his mom come up to the door, his comment was "What are they doing here?". Obviously he was totally surprised and even though I am "in trouble", we had great weekend, which involved a bit of hiking for most, streaking by Emma, good food and good company.

Emma & Madison Queen of Drool!
Uncle Dale and His Nieces

Vroom! Vroom!
Flying with Garret

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