Monday, June 29, 2009

Emma did a 180

As I noted previously, when we took Emma to the neighborhood pool last weekend, I pretty much had to bribe her through the gate as she cried and cried when she first saw the pool. This past Saturday, Emma was invited to a pool party to celebrate her little buddy Collin's 18 month birthday. When we initially walked by the pool on the way to their aparment, she got really excited, which gave me hope. All the kids played a bit at the apartment, destroyed Collin's room (sorry for our part in that), and had a little cake before heading to the pool. We got to the pool, walked through the gate and it was all I could do to get into the pool fast enough for Emma. She didn't even need the beach ball that I bought her that morning to coax her in like I had done the previous weekend. She loved sitting in the water on the steps and playing and liked going out swimming and even practiced kicking a bit. Of course, now she has totally gone the opposite way and seems to have no fear. I am just glad to see my little water baby back and hope this continues. It was funny though because Collin's Grandma and other friends of Collin's Mom all had heard plenty of stories of Emma because Collin apparently "talks" about Emma all the time. I also swelled a bit when Collin or Libby's Mom (can't remember which but they both agreed) talked about how all the kids love Emma because she is so easy going and if somebody takes whatever she is playing with, she just goes and finds something else. I hope she will be that way when Junior is taking "her" stuff. Brad tried to take some 19 month photos yesterday and ended up mostly frustrated but here are a few of the better results.

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Grandma Kate said...

That little one gives you plenty to proud of. Also, good to hear she is over her fear of the pool.