Thursday, July 2, 2009

30 Week Appointment

We headed in for our 30 week check-up today and fortunately there isn't anything real exciting to report. Junior is still measuring about a week ahead. We don't think that Junior is going to be the little peanut that Emma was, which is okay but please don't let Junior be a 10 pounder. Junior's little heart was beating strong at 145 bpm. That is about the extent of the report. We go back in four weeks and then it will probably be two weeks and then one week until Junior appears.

Emma's new phrase this week is "Where'd he go?". Every time Brad leaves a room or goes into the house if we are outside, she turns both of her palms up and says "Where'd he go?". She will also turn her palms up and say "Oh no!" if she drops something or if something else is awry.

Ms. Andi at daycare said that shortly after we left this morning, Emma looked at her and went "poop". Ms. Andi joked with her that she would have to wait because her teacher wasn't there yet although she obviously had every intention of changing Emma. To this, Emma started saying "Peez poop, peez poop". I guess she really wanted that diaper changed.

We're headed up to Missouri tomorrow to help Aunt Lesa ring in the big 3-0 as well as celebrate the 4th. We hope that everybody has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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