Friday, July 10, 2009


We are having a slew of visitors all of the sudden. Unfortunately most of them are just stopping through briefly but it is still nice to see everybody. Last night Grandma Kato and Grandpa Jerry stopped by. They are on their way from Arizona to Baltimore to spend a few months sailing. It didn't take long for Emma to warm up and then start hamming it up. Tonight we'll be seeing Uncle Dale and Papa. Uncle Dale found out at the last minute that he has to make a delivery for work down here today and rather than spending 18 hours round trip in a car, he asked to bunk at our place tonight before heading home tomorrow. As a bonus, he is bringing Papa with him and when I told Emma this morning that Papa was coming, she started looking around going "Where's Papa?" over and over. Too cute! We'll be welcoming Bo and Grandma Kristi next week assuming that their flight plans go as scheduled, which is never a safe assumption with those two. However, if all goes according to plan, they'll be in late Friday night and get to stay until Tuesday morning. Emma is going to be spoiled after all this extra attention!

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