Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fascination & Things I Forgot

Emma Sassy Pants - The other night Emma was into everything and was pulling out all of the Tupperware, which was not the problem as she is allowed and encouraged to do that rather than all the other trouble she finds in the kitchen. However, while I don't mind her playing with the Tupperware, I do not need her standing in it. After asking her to get out and pulling her out several times, I had had enough so I asked her to get out and then started the count..."One" to which Emma responded "Two". That one stopped both Brad and I dead in our tracks.

Sorry - Last week, Emma pulled open the drawer under the stove onto my foot, which didn't feel so good so naturally I said "Ouch". Upon hearing that word, Emma realized that she had done something wrong and gave me a hug and said "Rorry". I don't know how many times she apologized that night. She also knows that when she hits, she should say sorry. However, sometimes, she finds herself hitting Daddy just to say sorry. My question is, what has she been doing at daycare that she has had to learn to say sorry because she didn't learn that one from us?

Tour de France - As I mentioned yesterday, Emma is fascinated with bikes after all the riding that she and Daddy have been doing and loved seeing them on TV during the Tour over the weekend. Here is a brief clip of her excitement over the racing.


Grandma Kato said...

How cute! Loks like Emma has found a sport she is going to love. Good to hear Brad and Emma are riding.

Linda Alyce said...

Bring her over next July. We could outfit her with a push bike and she could do her own victory lap.