Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bo & Grandma Kristi Came to Visit

We had Grandpa Bo and Grandma Kristi here with us over the last weekend. They got in late Friday night so Emma had a surprise when she woke up on Saturday morning. We tried to keep busy so that we could minimize the number of times that we had to hear "The Wheels on the Bus". Pretty much as soon as she gets home, awakens, etc., Emma goes over to the cabinet with the stereo, opens the doors and says "I Want Beep Beep". The funny part is that usually by the time it gets to the horn going "beep beep", she isn't even paying attention anymore. We need some new children's CD's. Anybody got any thoughts?

And now I return to my regularly scheduled post about our visit. We headed down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning where some fresh blueberries were purchased much to Emma's delight. I guess they must have reminded her more of Papa's blueberries. We took a little stroll over to the pedestrian bridge that spans the Arkansas River and made Bo very nervous by letting Emma get right up next to the fence even though there is no way she could fit her head or her body through the spaces between the metal bars. On Saturday afternoon, we headed down to the park where Emma climbed and climbed and tried to shimmy up the pole after Bo put the idea into her head. She had also seen some little girls playing on the horizontal bars earlier and wanted to spin like them. She was only able to get a good grip once but that one time, she did manage to pull her little body up off the ground. Emma has definitely got some upper body strength.

Sunday morning was pretty low key after church. Emma played with Bo and Grandma while Brad and I went grocery shopping by ourselves. There was a couple in the store with an 8-9 month old little boy. They looked at my big old belly and said "See what you have to look forward to". I was like "Actually, we've already got one at home". After they walked away, Brad wondered if they wanted to see what they had to look forward to at 20 months. We headed down to the pool on Sunday afternoon, which was a bit cooler due to the nice break in the heat that we have been enjoying but even Bo got in the pool. Will wonders never cease?

Yesterday Bo, Grandma, and Emma were left to their own devices. They took Emma to the Wonder Place in the morning where she apparently had a big time. She also conned Grandma into buying her yet another bouncy ball. Emma and Bo were both exhausted and had to take naps after lunch. Yesterday afternoon they spent some time outside and talked to Pocket for a while. I think that they also heard "The Wheels on the Bus" several times. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to them last night since they had an early flight today but the main questions from Emma this morning were "Where's Bo?" and "I want Bo". I am sure that she'll go looking for him when we get home tonight too.

We have been horrible lately about getting the camera out. I tried to get Bo to take the camera with them yesterday and get some shots but he forgot and then was too busy the rest of the day. We did get a few photos last night, which I will post later but they weren't the greatest because it was bedtime and somebody had flipped the cranky switch to the "on" position. It is also no longer a secret that Junior is a boy. Brad and I both slipped on Sunday night, which made Kristi very happy. I think she baited us by waiting until we were nice and relaxed and then asking a question about the baby. Bo had a good run but the need to watch our pronouns has thankfully ended.

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