Monday, July 13, 2009


We had a great time this weekend between a visit with Uncle Dale and Papa and then swimming and grilling with some friends. Uncle Dale took us out to eat on Friday night and insisted that we go back to the Faded Rose (it didn't take much arm twisting). The Faded Rose is the place that serves Emma's favorite appetizer, frog legs. Each order comes with 6 frog legs and we ordered two for the four adults and Emma. Guess who ate 1/3 of the frog legs and that was after an all day food fest at daycare. I think that they said that her class devoured 40 mini pancakes and fruit Friday morning. They then had grilled hot dogs and s'mores at lunch followed by Popsicles and Cheetos in the afternoon. I figured that she would be done after the frog legs but no, she then moved on to some veggies, catfish, and fries. It seems that there was still some room after dinner for some soft serve from McDonald's. Really, she was just getting stocked up for the weekend since Brad and I don't feed her at home.

Uncle Dale and Papa headed out late Saturday morning but not until after Emma gladly accepted some blueberries from Papa; the same blueberries that I had offered to her several times throughout the week. It would seem that blueberries must come from Papa. I haven't tried since he left but it would be interesting to see if she turns up her nose again.

Yesterday we got to spend some time with our friends Anne, Sean, and Charlie who is now a big 2 year old. We headed down to the pool, which both Emma and Charlie really enjoyed. Then it was back to our house to grill some burgers. We have had plenty of corn on the cob this summer but I had yet to offer any to Emma. Last night, I decided to give it a go and she loved it. She watched Anne show Charlie how to eat off the cob once and that was all it took. I guess we'll have to be sure and get her plenty more before the summer is over. She would not, however, try the watermelon. Maybe if Papa had been there, she would have tried it!

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