Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lesa's BD Weekend

We headed up to Missouri last weekend to celebrate Lesa's birthday. Although Emma had a little bit of a cold, she still had a great time and loved, loved, loved fresh blueberries from Papa's bushes. I bought some from the store when we got home since she liked them so much and she won't touch them. Guess we better go visit Papa and Grandma again. Emma impressed us Friday night by being able to point to everybody at the table when we said their names. This is not something that we have worked on and that is a good number of people. As always, Emma enjoyed her time with Bailey the dog and was much more interested in baby Madison than she had been previously. Most of the time she just refers to her as baby but I did hear her call her Maddie at one point. Brad did buy some sparklers, which Emma enjoyed but she was in bed well before any fireworks started. We enjoyed spending some time with everybody and hope that Lesa had a great birthday even if she is an "old coot" now.

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