Monday, March 28, 2016

Disney Day 1

Last spring, we made the big decision to take the kids to Disney.  We also decided to keep the trip a secret.  It nearly killed me near the end but we did it.  Due to the fact that Memphis had a direct flight to Orlando, we chose to fly out of Memphis instead of Little Rock so the kids were under the impression that we were going to spend a few days there.  The night before we left for Memphis on the 20th, Emma slept over at her friend Lucy's house and they told her all their favorite places in Memphis so Emma was beyond excited and especially wanted to visit Graceland.

We go into Memphis Saturday afternoon and checked out the Bass Pro at the Pyramid; that is something to see for sure.  Afterwards, it was dinner, a little swimming and then off to bed for the promised cool place the next day.  Sunday morning, we gathered our stuff and went to the airport, which thoroughly confused them both.  Finally Emma caught wind that we were going to Orlando but had no idea what was in Orlando.  She was hilarious and so mad that we weren't staying in Memphis.  Once we landed in Orlando and got in to the middle of the airport, Emma spotted a Disney store and it all came in to focus.  However, the excitement was lacking.  What we determined is that they really didn't have a grasp on what Disney really entailed.  We got on our Magical Express to the Wilderness Lodge.  During the drive, they play a video that talks about Disney and the parks and Emma's excitement started to build.  Once we got to our resort, the room was not ready so we dropped off one bag and got on a bus to Hollywood Studios.  On the way there, it started to rain a bit but thankfully once we got to the park, it ended quickly.

Once there, they both really got excited about our week.  Our first ride was Star Tours and Josh was in heaven.  Then we went to Muppets Vision, which was a 3D movie.  After that, it was Toy Story Mania and the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.  After dinner, we go to stroll through the Osbourne Family Lights.  This was the last year for the lights and we are so glad we got to see them.  It was an amazing display.  We did one more ride on Star Tours and then called it a night.  A successful first day.

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