Monday, March 28, 2016

Josh is Six!

Our little red haired guy turned six but that doesn't seem possible because he just learned to walk yesterday, right?  He certainly keeps us on our toes and keeps us entertained.  Since I had drop off duty for his birthday, we stopped on the way to school for birthday donuts.  We also bought donuts to take in and share with the class.  For his party this year, we went down the street to Professor Bowl.  All the kids had so much fun.  They each bowled one game, which was the perfect amount for that age group, then they got to have a hot dog or pizza followed by cake.  I did have to laugh when I looked a the party a few lanes down that consisted of all girls and was so nice, quiet and civilized.  Meanwhile, we had boys tackling each other and running around.  I thoroughly enjoyed not having to clean up afterwards.

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