Monday, March 28, 2016

Fall Soccer

Once again, when it was time to register for soccer, I asked Josh if he wanted to play and rather than the usual "no", he said "yes".  In fiction land, he had the best coach ever; she will probably never be topped by another.  In reality, he had me.  Our team had no coach and needed somebody to step up.  In a feverish state (since I now had a fever virus), I volunteered.  At the U6 level, it was fine and I enjoyed being with the kids but hopefully he can get on another team that he can stick with starting this spring.  Josh is a natural at pretty much everything so it was no surprise that he took to soccer like a fish takes to water.  If only he can learn to stay upright and keep his cleats on.   

Emma played under Coach Coca again and for the first time really enjoyed playing.  We always new she had the potential and it was nice to see her using her skills.  Emma scored goals in most of the games compared to last season where she didn't have a single goal.  She also made some great assists.  The bad thing about me coaching is that I only got to see a handful of her games.  Brad and I were very proud of how hard she worked in the fall.   

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