Monday, March 28, 2016

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a total bust for Emma this year but Josh had fun.  Emma started off the week with you guessed it, the dreaded(ful) fever virus or so we thought.  I may have forgotten to mention along the line that by this point Josh had already had number 2 the second week of school and missed three days.  Since we thought we had a handle on it, we decided just to wait it out.  She would seem fine in the mornings with fairly normal temperature that would spike later in the day.

Fast forward to the Halloween parade at school when I talked to Meredith (Palmer's Mom).  She said that Palmer had the same thing and it went in to pneumonia.  I left school and immediately called for an appointment.  I took Emma to the doctor expecting the diagnosis of fever virus but for some reason she decided to do a chest x-ray even though she didn't hear anything.  Whatever made her order the x-ray, we're sure glad she did because Emma did indeed have pneumonia.  I dropped her back at home with Bo and Gram, filled prescriptions (two antibiotics and an inhaler) and then went back to school with Bo for Josh's Halloween party.  Emma's sweet friends Lucy and Analise both brought her by balloons and goodies and so many others asked after her.  The girl is loved!

Due to rain the week before we had never made it to Boo at the Zoo.  Since the tickets were already purchased, I dragged Bo and Gram out while Emma stayed behind with Brad.  Josh was a good brother and at each booth, he got a treat for him and a treat for Emma.  

With her diagnosis, trick-or-treating was also off the table although we did let her go to a few houses nearby.  Emma stayed home to hand out candy while Josh and I trick-or-treated.  She enjoyed her duties at least and Josh gave her half his stash.  Hoping for a better 2016.

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