Friday, December 19, 2014

1st Grade

And we have a first grader!  Emma got to start school the Wednesday before Josh so the attention was fully on her.  Her teacher for first grade is Mrs. Peterson who is definitely tough but also obviously loves the kids.  With first grade comes weekly spelling tests, sight word exams and home Monday through Thursday.  Homework is generally a worksheet and 10 minutes of reading.  In first grade, Emma has the opportunity to earn tickets for good tests, being kind, listening, etc.  They also have a secret word each week and if they whisper it to Mrs. P on Monday morning, they get a ticket. Friday afternoons are Fun Fridays and they get to go shopping with their tickets.  Emma loves to shop.  They also get to play games so it is a great way to finish off the week.  Probably one of the most exciting things for Emma are the class pets including two bearded dragons and some turtles. Now as we have officially reached Christmas break and yes, I am finally posting about the first day, it has been a great semester.  Emma is doing amazing in school and continues to love all her subjects but especially science, math and art.


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