Saturday, December 20, 2014

ECS Christmas Program

The week of December 7th, everything came to a head.  It was the week of the ECS Christmas the Nutcracker, and Garth Brooks for Brad and me.  Heidi's party was Monday night, Emma had Nutcracker rehearsal on Tuesday night, school program Wednesday and Thursday, Nutcracker dress rehearsal on Thursday night and her first performance on Friday night.  This was the only year that Josh and Emma will be in the same Christmas program at school until they're in the 4th and 2nd grades.  This year was a big year for Emma since the first graders have a speaking role.  Emma was a narrator in the story of Maisie the mouse who was looking for a home.  Emma delivered her line perfectly; she spoke very clearly, paused appropriately, and took it nice and slow.  The Thursday morning performance was live streamed so Bo and Gram were able to see her as well.  Josh's group did two songs and he obviously knew every single word even if he didn't want to do any associated movements.  The first performance was on Wednesday and to their surprise, Uncle Dale was there to see them.  They got another surprise Wednesday when they got home and who should arrive but PaPa and MeMa who got to see both the school program and Emma's first Nutcracker performance.




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