Friday, December 19, 2014

Florida - Getting There and Day 1

It is hard to believe but this was our 4th year heading to Gulf Breeze for vacation.  Unfortunately for Emma, the trip started off a bit rough.  The first night in Mississippi, she woke up sick to her stomach.  We hoped that it was just a combination of swallowing too much salt water and excitement but when it continued through the night, we knew that wasn't the case.  Since she wasn't running a fever and the hotel was already paid for, we pressed on the next morning.  As long as Emma didn't eat, she did okay and was able to drink to stay hydrated.  Once we finally stopped for lunch in Florida, Emma felt hungry and we let her eat, which came back to bite us in the Wal-Mart and led to me doing laundry the first night in Florida.  Thankfully that was really the last of it and while it took a couple of days to get her appetite back, Emma really only missed out on the first night of vacation. This year we definitely spent more time on the beach before the kids were ready to hit the pool but whether the gulf or the pool, they definitely wanted to be outside and in the water.  In spite of no naps for anybody this year, they did really great with long days outside and late nights.  Love that vacation is getting easier and more fun every year.

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