Friday, December 19, 2014


Josh started PreK at Episcopal on Monday, August 18th.  In all honesty, he was a little apprehensive about the move to a new school.  He wanted to go back to Grace and be with his buddies.  As I kept reminding him, all of his buddies were gone as well and he would still have Anna Beth and Amelia with him.  His teachers this year are Ms. Nichols and Mrs. Walsh.  Neither of them taught PreK when Emma started so I didn't know either teacher.  However, our good friend, Meredith, recommended that Josh be placed with Ms. Nichols so I took her at her word.  Josh was able to meet his teachers the previous Friday so at least he had seen his classroom and of course, he had big sister with him. Whatever nerves he might have had were gone as soon as we got to school.  He was ready to go and didn't need us hanging around with him.  At the end of the first day, he came home with the biggest smile on his face and told us all about his day.  That was big since we usually had to pull out of him what happened at Grace on a daily basis.  It didn't take long to realize how right Meredith was about Ms. Nichols.  She and Josh were absolutely meant for each other and I could not think of a better teacher for him to have been placed with.  From all accounts, school is going great and so far it seems like Josh really enjoys music and art class.  Still can't believe that he is old enough for big kid school.


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