Friday, December 19, 2014

CATS Sprint Triathlon

For the first time since 2007, Brad competed in a triathlon.  Unfortunately, leading up to it, he started having some issues with his calf on the run so that was going to be a wild card.  Brad headed out bright and early for Conway and the kids and I arrived right around the time he got to T1.  We missed the swim but caught him heading out on the bike.  The swim and the bike went pretty well for Brad and then we waited for him to come out of T2.  Finally, we saw him getting ready to make his left hand turn, which would bring him by us.  I waited with the camera and no Brad so I finally looked down the road and he was messing with his shoe but then he started walking.  This was not good ~0.2 miles in to the run.  As he came up, Emma yelled, "why are you walking?"  He did start a light jog and this point and even though he thought he would have to throw in the towel, he pushed through the run and finished up.  It wasn't the race he had in his mind but I know he was happy to be back out there and the kids enjoyed cheering him on.  We're looking forward to cheering for him at more races in 2015.



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