Friday, December 19, 2014

Birthday Boy

On our way back from vacation, Josh decided he wanted a Civil War party after Vicksburg.  Since it was unclear how this would go over with the kids, I pushed him more towards a pirate party.  We had his friends from Grace even the girls although he specifically said no girls.  We even had a quick visit from Ms. LeAnn, which made all the kids very excited.  Brad worked very hard converting the playhouse into a pirate ship, The Joshy Roger, before the party.  Thankfully Bo and Gram were visiting so Bo was able to pitch in a bit.  The kids had a great time and even got to fight Brad the pirate.  Anna Beth was priceless because she knew the pirate was Brad but there was a little nagging doubt.  Finally, when he took off the wig, she said "I knew it was you".  The kids all had a great time in spite of the heat, which cut short the play time outside but Josh was happy, his friends were happy, so overall, it was a success.


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