Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Cookies

It is that time again for Christmas cookies.  After a bit of a rough start since somebody was having trouble keeping his hands to himself, the kids stepped up to help make the cookie dough.  We let it cool for a bit in the refrigerator and then it was time to decorate.  Both kids had two full trays to decorate and then split the final tray, which included the letters E, J, D, M, R, and S for Emma, Josh, Daddy, Mommy, Rudolph, and Santa, respectively.  There was just enough dough left for two little candy canes as well.  They had a great time decorating and still haven't quite learned that less is more but at least they are less messy in doing so.  They both took great care in decorating their cookies although Josh burned out a bit midway through the second tray so Brad finished that up.  Brad made a little gingerbread boy and girl to look like the kids, which they thought was the best thing ever.



Josh was in charge of the letter, J, M, and S and he was still anxious to get those done.  He was most proud of his "red hot" J, which was loaded up with red hots.  He could not wait to eat it after dinner, which he did.  Once finished though, he said no more sweets until the end of basketball season.  We're not sure where he came up with that one and we're definitely not sure that he knows exactly what he's saying.  I'm betting his resolve will not last long!

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