Saturday, December 20, 2014

First Nutcracker Performance

The Nutcracker has always been one of my favorite ballets and favorite Christmas traditions so I was so excited to see Emma as part of the production.  This was the largest cast that they have ever had. The Little Angels were on during the Prologue of Act II and they were the only group that got an audible "Aww" from the audience when they came onstage.  Emma claimed she was nervous before the performance but Emma never gets nervous about being on stage so I think it was more something to say.  She had nothing to worry about because she did great and was the cutest angel on stage in my biased opinion.  In the same line with Emma were some of her best buds, Caroline and Samantha, her friend Allison from soccer and Ellie from school.  After her performance, Emma hung out backstage until the end of the show.  She was excited to receive some flowers and was one tired girl when we got home.

Thankfully after a late night, she had Saturday off before performing in the Sunday matinee.  Since Rita had to back out of going with me on Sunday, Brad was able to see Emma perform again.  He may not be a big fan of ballet but he was glad for the opportunity to see his little girl.  After her performance on Sunday, I went back and got her so she could see the rest of Act II. Emma loved being part of the Nutcracker and is already talking about next year!

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