Saturday, December 20, 2014

Polar Express

In spite of the fact that I called for tickets earlier this year, the Polar Express was booked solid for reserved seating weekends in December.  I didn't realize that tickets actually go on sale on May 1st but it is in my calendar for next year.  Thankfully there were tickets available in November but it meant starting our Christmas celebrations before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately it also meant that Doodle wasn't around to bring the kids new pajamas so they had to settle for picking out some at Target.  We picked the kids up a bit early from school on November 14th to head up to Branson.  We got there in plenty of time to eat and still have time to walk around the Landing a bit before our train ride.  Josh went back and forth between wanting to ride and not wanting to ride because of the Bobo. Of course he had no choice in the matter.  Overall, he enjoyed the ride but I think owing to the fact that we were on the 8:30 departure so he was extra tired, the Bobo was even more scary this year. Josh was so thankful that our conductor was able to run him off for once and for all.  We remembered to bring our copy of the Polar Express this year so we read along with the story and Emma got autographs from everybody.  We had prime seats this year as we were the first table that Santa visited after he boarded.  Emma is excited for next year already and Josh is at times until he remembers the Bobo.  Silly boy!

Look of terror over the Bobo!

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