Friday, December 19, 2014


August 15th was a sad day as we closed one chapter in our lives and said goodbye to Grace Lutheran ECDC after almost 6 1/2 years between the two kids.  Between the staff and the families we met through our years, we have many wonderful memories and I was barely together most of the day thinking of saying goodbye.  They always end the summer with a graduation ceremony so Josh got to march in to the gym one final time with his buddies.  They sang some songs and at the end, Mrs. LeAnn gave all her seniors awards and had some very nice words about the kids.  Josh got the enthusiasm award since he is always so active, has such a great sense of humor and is ready to do everything with the greatest sense of enthusiasm.  We are so thankful for the love and care both kids received during our time at Grace and know that they are well-prepared for everything else because of some great teachers.


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